Unit Accounts & Passwords

To place unit reservations, such as summer camp and other activities that a unit participates in as a group, each unit needs to have a unit account.

As this new website was developed, a unit account was created for each unit in Cascade Pacific Council as of July 2015, so there is no need to create a new unit account (units from other councils do need to create a unit account).

Using the pre-built unit accounts will make registration much easier, especially because youth and adult details were also imported to save you time when signing up for events.

There is no need for Cascade Pacific Council units to create a unit account,
because an account has already been created for each CPC unit.

Usernames and Passwords for the pre-built unit accounts were emailed to the registered unit committee chairperson on July 17, 2015.  Those without email addresses, or whose email was returned undeliverable were sent letters by postal mail.

Lost password
If you know your unit login, but lost your password, please use the 'lost password' tool in the 'LOGIN' button at the top of the website.

Never received our unit login details
If your unit committee chairperson did not receive or has lost your unit account information, its easy to recover - just fill out the form below to request that your details be emailed to you.

Please include these details so we can verify your membership in the unit:

  • Your name
  • Unit number (eg: Pack 123, Troop 123)
  • Your adult leader position within the unit (eg: Cubmaster, Scoutmaster, etc)
  • Please indicate that you need your account information