Support Your Camps

There are a lot of ways you can help your favorite council camp.  Each camp relies on volunteers to complete projects, find donations of equipment and materials, and to help with year-round camping programs.


Each camp ranger keeps a list of projects that a group, from Cub Scout packs to Scouts BSA troops, or even families, Rotary or other service clubs, can 'adopt' based on their skill level and resources.  A sample list of projects can be found on the Adopt-A-Project page, along with contact information for camp rangers so you can find a project suitable for your group.

Centennial Adopt-A-Campsite Program

In recognition of the council's 100th Anniversary, we're working hard to renovate 100 campsites in 2016 - sites that have been used and abused for many decades - to get them ready for the next 100 years.  Learn more and join in this great project by visiting the 100 Campsites page.

Camp Host Program

Many camps have Camp Hosts most weekends to help visiting campers maximize their camping experience.  Become a Camp Host to help packs and troops have great weekend camping trips.


Camps are continually in need of equipment and supplies to keep the property operational. Often items are donated by families or companies that would otherwise discard them, giving extra life to used appliances, tools, equipment, and other supplies. Please see the Equipment Donation page for a list of needed items as well as contact information should you have something to donate.

Work Weekends

Each camp holds a work weekend during which volunteers get together to complete needed projects over one day or one weekend.  A list of weekends and contact information can be found on the Work Weekend page.

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