Medical Form


Download BSA Medical Form - this link will redirect to the National BSA website.

Questions about the medical form? Please view the National BSA Frequently Asked Questions page for information about the medical form

Special notes for Cascade Pacific Council members 

Annual Physicals

The medical form requires an annual physical for persons participating in certain activities regardless of age. The medical form no longer allows attaching another physical exam (ie: sports physical) to the BSA medical form. The physician's signature must be on the BSA form to be valid.

Minimal-Cost Physical Exams

Cascade Pacific Council maintains a list of medical clinics that offer lower-cost exams. If you know of other clinics to add to the list, please send details to

Height/Weight Chart NOT REQUIRED for CPC summer camps

For certain high-adventure activites, the new form introduces a standard height/weight chart which may restrict participation of individuals.  Adherance to the height/weight chart is not required for Cascade Pacific Council summer camps due to their proximity and access to medical care.  Very few council events will require adherence to the height/weight chart. Any such events will include such requirement in registration information.

Frequently Asked Questions specific to Cascade Pacific Council

For additional questions, please view the National BSA Frequently Asked Questions page for information about the medical form

Q: What health-care providers may administer a physical exam for BSA medical forms?
A: The new medical form details physicians (MD, DO), nurse practitioners, and physician's assistants to be the individuals who may perform physical exams for the new health form.

Q: Do we need a doctor's signature for a one-night campout?
No. The new form only requires a doctor's signature for events exceeding 72 hours. Tip: National designed the form so that parts A and C could be photocopied front-to-back so that one sheet of paper is all that is required for short-term activities.

Q: What camps will require a doctor's signature?
Cascade Pacific Council camps and programs that exceed 72 hours (thus requiring a doctor's signature) include:

    Adventure Cove
    NYLT (National Youth Leader Training)
    Horse Trek

Q: Will summer camps use the height/weight chart on the new medical form?
No. Summer camps will not require participants to meet the height/weight guidelines.  These guidelines are for high-adventure activities; at this time no council activities use this chart.

Q. Can I use another medical exam, such as a school sports exam, and attach it to the Annual Health and Medical Record?
A. No. In an effort to maintain standards of preparedness and fitness for participation, and to make sure that the medical professional conducting the examination knows the various outdoor adventures than can occur in Scouting, the BSA requires completion of the BSA form without exception.

Q: Should we send the medical form to the council office?
No. The council does not keep copies of medical forms. When attending district or council events, please bring the forms with you, but do NOT send to the council office. Tip: When attending council and district activities, take along a photocopy, rather than the original.

Q: The form is provided as a fillable-PDF. Can we submit the form electronically?
For privacy reasons, do not transmit medical forms electronically.  The form is provided as a fillable-PDF to ease completion and to increase legibility when printing. The electronic version of the Annual Health and Medical Record is intended to be filled out and saved by individual Scouts and Scouters. The electronic Annual Health and Medical Record should not be transmitted via e-mail or stored by units, districts, or councils. Units are encouraged to keep paper copies of their participants' Annual Health and Medical Records in a confidential medical file for quick access in an emergency and to be prepared for all adventures.

For additional questions, please view the National BSA Frequently Asked Questions page for information about the medical form