Internet Advancement

Internet advancement and Scoutbook are the official Boy Scout programs to record advancement for the council and the Advancement reports from either program are required for all purchases of awards, merit badges, and ranks.

Using the Systems

Internet Advancement 2.0 makes it simple and easy to submit accurate and official advancement reports. Plus, you can do it anytime and from almost anywhere, and there are other great benefits:

· Official record

· Free

· Ensure accuracy

· Easy transition from Cub Scouts to Boy Scouts

· No loss of information

· Other helpful reports

How to obtain access to use the Internet Advancement 2.0

Access is restricted to the Key 3 of the unit

Pack: Cubmaster, Committee Chair, Chartered Rep.

Troop: Scoutmaster, Committee Chair, Chartered Rep.

Crew: Crew Leader, Committee Chair, Chartered Rep.

And whoever they designate as the Unit Advancement Chair.

· It is found at Web Tools/Internet Advancement 2.0

· Internet Advancement 2.0 is for use by Packs, Troops, and Crews, Ships only.

· Internet Advancement is for Explorer Posts only.