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Updated: 5/26/19

Trained leaders are adult Scouters who care enough to sacrifice a bit of their time to become fully knowledgeable in the best Scouting methods so that they can most effectively help young people in their units.  Every Scout deserves a trained leader, and every leader deserves to serve alongside other leaders who are fully trained so that they are as effective as possible.

Many basic trainings can be completed online at my.scouting.org; however, check our district calendar to see when in-person trainings are happening in or near your community, because training sessions are greatly enhanced by the personal touch of an experienced trainer, and from interacting and sharing with other leaders.

District Training Calendar:

Look to our district calendar for more specific details as they become available. Click on link or see files at end of this webpage:


"Basic Trained" 

Download the Basic Trained Course Information for more details.

The "New BALOO" training course

BALOO – Basic Adult Leader Outdoor Orientation. The Cub Scout Leaders outdoor training course HAS A NEW LOOK AND FEEL!

1) It has two “Parts” ….Part 1 is an online training that MUST be taken before Part 2.

2) Part 2 is a 1-1/2 day “overnight” (hands on) training.

Webpage Navigation & "How To" Aids

We have heard from a lot of people the challenge to use my.Scouting to complete online courses. The following ‘How to’ aids were created in an attempt to help provide step by step instructions to hopefully make your experience easier. They have been tested and retested (at the time created) and proven reliable provided each step is followed. However, please note that the content on the web does change once in a while and can make such aids invalid; so if you are having trouble getting the steps to work please send me an email with the Step# and a brief explanation and I will try to help you troubleshoot the problem.

> How to take online training via my.Scouting.org, click here.

> How to, and tips for, navigating your my.Scouting page, click here.

> How to create a my.Scouting account, click here.

> How to print a training certificate from your my.Scouting page, click here.

> A (partial) "Road Map" of the BSA National and Cascade Pacific Council websites.

Do you have an adult(s) who needs training and cannot make our District Training dates?

It is ok - and encouraged - to attend courses offered by other districts - simply reach out to your Unit Commissioner - s/he can strive to get dates/times for nearby disrict trainings. If you do not know who your Unit Commissioner is, contact your District Commissioner to find out.

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Other Training Related Resources:

Cascade Pacific Council Training page

BSA National Training page

Current Trainings and Codes



File Name Description
11_Willamette District Training Calendar 2018-2019 Download
13_BALOO Part 1 (online) Download
71_New BALOO - What's changed? Download
81_BASIC TRAINED Course Information Download
91_How to take online training via my.Scouting Download
92_How to start navigating your my.Scouting Download
93_How to create a my.Scouting account Download
95_How to print a training certificate Download
99_Website "Road Maps" (geeky stuff) Download