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How does Willamette District communicate?



Since you are reading this you have found the link to the Willamette District newsletter!  Here you will find important information about the happenings in the District.  An updated list of the district leadership can also be found.  The newsletter is printed weekly. 


For information on events happening throughout the Council you can sign up for the Council weekly newsletter by going to our district site and under “newsletter” signing up.  https://www.cpcbsa.org/content/2871/Willamette--Email-Newsletters



Explore the rest of our webpage.  Here on our district web page you can find cutting edge information on our upcoming calendar, events, training, roundtable and more.  There are hundreds of links back to our Council and National Scouting sites. 


Google groups email list

The primary means of email communication is through our Google Groups.  Several times per week information and updates on events or activities happening throughout the District.  Scouters can also ask questions and get feedback from those who may have the same questions.  Search Google Groups for willamettebsa and ask to join or send an email to our District Executive Scott Mischke or to  District Chair Barbara Smith (email info below) and they will get you signed up.



How many of you are on Facebook?  Well so are we.  Sign in and search for us at Willamette District BSA.  This page is update most days with relevant information about our District, Council and Scouting in general.  Here you can also enter discussions on topics of interest to our entire Scouting family.  This is a great way for everyone in the district to share their Scouting experience.    Willamette District BSA Facebook page


Leaders please make sure all your leaders know about all these great communications avenues.  If you can’t find the information you are looking for, our District Director Scott Mischke can steer you in the right direction. 


Our Key 3 contact info:

Scott Mischke – District Director –scott.mischke@scouting.org

Barbara Smith – District Chair – bjsmith95@comcast.net

Shawn Cook – District Commissioner – willamettedc@gmail.com


Please also consider subscribing to the council email newsletter to receive weekly tips, activity ideas, and Scouting news so that you can be well prepared to provide great activities for your youth members.