Pre-Camp Leader Meetings

Each unit is encouraged to send at least one adult to one of the pre-camp leader meetings. These meetings are an invaluable opportunity to get late-breaking camp information, and to meet face-to-face with your camp director for questions and answers. 

We understand not everyone can attend one of our pre camp meetings. In-person is always best to view and ask questions, but we've posted recordings here so you can get the information.  Also be sure to download your camp's leader guide from the camp downloads page.

General Seminar: Critical for key information about new policies, procedures and best practices to have a great adventure. 

Leader Roster Tutorial: A guide as to how to print a Leader Roster from that will show registered and Youth Protection Training Status. This is required for the new 72 hour rule at Resident Camps.  

Camp Specific Sessions: These are run by each camp team to go over the specific things to know for the camp you are attending.  


Pre-Camp Leader Meeting General Session Recording:


How to download your unit roster for camp check-in:

Pre-Camp Leader Meeting - Camp Baldwin Specific Recording:

Pre-Camp Leader Meeting - Butte Creek Specific Recording:

Pre-Camp Leader Meeting - Camp Clark Specific Recording:

Pre-Camp Leader Meeting - Camp Meriwether Specific Recording:

Pre-Camp Leader Meeting - Camp Pioneer Specific Recording: