Camp4All: Every Scout to Camp

Outdoor adventure. It’s why 70% of kids say they wanted to join Cub Scouts. Sadly, only 32% did an overnight camp last year. 

Meanwhile, 48% of our Scouts BSA youth did not attend our summer camps either. With your help, we can achieve our goal: to get every Scout to camp and give them an unparalleled summer camp experience.


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Why Camp4All?

Overwhelmingly, youth join Scouts to spend time outdoors. While more than half of our youth in Scouts BSA go to summer camp, only 32% of Cub Scouts attended our summer camps in 2019. Our goal with Camp4All is to give all Scouts an opportunity to go to summer camp and give them a safe, fun, life-changing experience in the outdoors.

The Outcomes: Outdoor Experiences are Life-Changing

We have some of the most impressive camp properties in the BSA. Camp4All support from units, volunteers, parents, alumni and the community ensures:

  • Life-changing experiences. More youth will unplug, have incredible personal growth and have a life-long appreciation for the outdoors.
  • More scholarships so that every Scout can camp.
  • Exceptional programs. We will be able to invest in even more innovative experiences and quality programs.
  • Superior properties. We will have clean, well-maintained and some of the best properties in the BSA.
  • Retention & advancement. More youth will stay in Scouting and advance faster because of summer camp


Where does the money go?

Your donation is restricted for camp-related programming and expenses. It will allow us to continue to get more Scouts to camp and have some of the best camp properties in Scouting. Get a taste of what our Scouts experience at our camps in the video below.




Q: Why did the Cascade Pacific Council move away from the Family Friends of Scouting campaign?

A: The majority of kids join Scouts to spend time in the outdoors and we want to give donors the opportunity to specifically donate to this cause, rather than general operations. The CPC decided to move away from Family FOS in order to provide more clarity to donors and provide ease of communication when it comes to supporting the Cascade Pacific Council. This new campaign makes it clear that every dollar supports outdoor adventures for all youth.

Q: When I donate, where will my money go? Why should I give?

A: All gifts made to the Camp4All campaign will be directed to fund camp expenses such as scholarships for Scouts and camp staff, program supplies and equipment, help maintain and improve facilities, provide quality staff training and camp staff salary improvements.

Q: Can my gift be used in other ways?

A: Your gift through the Camp4All campaign is restricted to camp-related expenses. For example, these could include camp scholarships, camp-specific equipment and program supplies, maintenance, etc. Donations not applied in the current budget year may be carried over to the following year, provided it is used in accordance with the giving restrictions.

Q: How much does the Cascade Pacific Council spend on camps annually?

A: The Cascade Pacific Council invests as much as $3.5 million annually in camp related expenses.

Q: How much did the old Friends of Scouting campaign raise last year and what does the Cascade Pacific Council hope to raise in Camp4All funding?

A: The former FOS campaign raised $500k and the hope is to raise $750k or more through this new campaign to give more opportunities for Scouts to go camping and give them an unparalleled outdoor experience.

Q: Do I have to give through Camp4All?

A: Camp4All is specifically for camp scholarships and camp-related expenses. You may also give to the Community Fund to provide a more broad, positive impact through Scouting in the Cascade Pacific Council.